Mary Kennedy's SMART Goals

Since I’ve a fear of deleting important emails, I tend to let them collect in my inbox. Sometimes the number hits the four digits until I have time to clean them out.  Today, I took a little time to catch up on a few January “Cozy Chicks” newsletters. To my delight, I was in for a great spring pick-me-up!

First of all, how many of us don’t even remember what our 2014 resolutions are? Spring is the re-birth of life after a long dormant winter. With renewed energy we promise to eat lighter and walk more. But do we stick these resolutions any better than the ones we made in January?

After reading Mary Kennedy’s January 11th, post for “Cozy Chicks”, titled “The SMART method of setting goals”, I had to share it with you. I believe Mary’s 5 step approach is possible.

S.M.A.R.T. stands for:

S=Specific: I want to run a race. Be specific, a 5K, 10K or a marathon.

M= Measureable:  I’ll run everyday, vs. a measured distance.

A=Attainable:  Maybe a marathon isn’t attainable, but a 5K is.

R=Realistic:  I’ll run every day. With your daily responsibilities, maybe 3 short runs on weekdays, and a long run on the weekend is.

T=Time-based:  Mary explains the difference between a “dream” and a “goal” as a goal has a deadline. Running any 5K isn’t time-based, one with a scheduled date would be time-based.

No matter what your dreams are, if you want to make them come true, turn them into goals and plug in Mary Kennedy’s SMART Method.

Visit her web page at for more terrific articles. Mary is a national best selling author. Don’t miss her cozy series, “Talk Radio Mysteries”!



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