Lessons Learned

What have I learned in the last six months? Getting my book published, deciding on what promotional material to order and how it should look, pulling all the components together for a web page, securing signings and speaking engagements would fill a book larger than Deception. Writing is much easier than the rest of my new job. I also learned that I would have been spared six very uncomfortable weeks if I had scheduled the shot for Shingles. Another life lesson learned.

As I take to my computer to write Revenge, the second book in the Claire O’Schaunessy Mystery Series, I’m far more aware of what to expect this time around. There’s a comfort which comes with going through a process before. Isn’t that true of life? No matter what adventure we set off on, there seems to be an unknown factor involved. It doesn’t matter if I’m writing or cutting the pieces out for a new quilt. Will the end be what I expected or something totally different?

For me, the unknowns aren’t as scary as they use to be. Whether it’s deleting a chapter which doesn’t work or changing a fabric in a quilt block after the entire quilt is cut out, I know there’s a silver lining around the corner. All I have to do is keep my eyes and mind open and the answer will be right there.

Has this ever happened to you?

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