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New Idea For Recycling

Yes, I know it’s five days post Easter and you feel like you have recycled the ham at least six ways, but I’m talking about textile recycling. Every spring I do the big switch over of clothes. By now I have purchased several new tee shirts for special occasions – lunch with friends, etc. This means I have down graded last year’s new tee shirts to the running errands’ level. … Read More →

Mary Kennedy’s SMART Goals

Since I’ve a fear of deleting important emails, I tend to let them collect in my inbox. Sometimes the number hits the four digits until I have time to clean them out.  Today, I took a little time to catch up on a few January “Cozy Chicks” newsletters. To my delight, I was in for a great spring pick-me-up! First of all, how many of us don’t even remember what … Read More →

Lessons Learned

What have I learned in the last six months? Getting my book published, deciding on what promotional material to order and how it should look, pulling all the components together for a web page, securing signings and speaking engagements would fill a book larger than Deception. Writing is much easier than the rest of my new job. I also learned that I would have been spared six very uncomfortable weeks … Read More →

I’m Back

Just in case many of you thought I fell off the face of the earth, well, I’m right here at my computer watching a squirrel jump from branch to branch in the tree outside my window. Life doesn’t get better than this. Since you last heard from me on face book, my life was turned upside down. By September 2012, I knew my fate was sealed. My right shoulder was … Read More →

Detective Patrick Timothy O’Shaunessy

Good afternoon.  Today, we are delighted to have Detective Patrick Timothy O’Shaunessy, of the Chicago Police Department, as our guest.  Detective O’Shaunessy is third generation Chicago Police on his dad’s side of the family.  While his grandfather retired many years ago, his father, a beat cop, died in the line of duty.  Detective O’Shaunessy has received many commendations for outstanding service in the line of duty. Sue Myers:  Welcome Detective … Read More →