About Sue

Raised in Libertyville, Illinois, I have the nuns from my Catholic grade school to thank for introducing me to dead bodies. Beginning in third grade, whenever a classmate lost a relative, the nuns would march us up the funeral home to say prayers over the body. I can remember thinking if I stared at the dearly departed long and hard enough I could make them wink. Luckily for me, none did.

In my late twenties, I worked as an ER tech at Henrotin Hospital. Today expensive townhomes have replaced the hospital that cared for people from Chicago’s Cabrini Green Projects, the LaSalle Street sidewalks and the Rush Street bars. Because of the ER’s interesting cliental, I was exposed to a whole array of situations which involved the 18th District Police. Even the FBI had questions regarding one of the bodies – minus a foot – which I had stashed in our Ortho Room.

Several years later I became a registered nurse. Through the years I definitely have seen life at its best and worst moments. Retired now, I spent most of my career in Labor and Delivery, Neonatal ICU and infertility. Though my ER days wetted my taste for the dark side of life, it was because of one of my experiences in infertility that gave birth to “Deception.”

I grew up on Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. I was always making up stories in my mind, but it wasn’t until a fellow nurse handed me a romance novel on a very long night shift that I actually tried my hand at writing. It took me several years to realize that I couldn’t write romance to save my soul, but I could write chase scenes. I belong to the Midwest Chapter of Mystery Writers of America and the Chicago Chapter of Sisters In Crime.

When I’m not killing people, only on paper of course, you can find me digging in the garden or piecing a quilt. Also, I’m thrilled to be on the board for my local cemetery and am currently compiling a database of the residents. My husband, Gene, and I live in Mundelein, Illinois, with our three cats and a backyard full of squirrels, chipmunks and birds.